Our Team

Team Inspire will introduce, share and grow the vision of the Inspire Movement.


We recognise how sport has made us appreciate the rewards of teamwork, commitment, strategy, and focus. Sport has assisted us to develop skills and attributes which are equally applicable to daily life as they are to cycling.


Team Inspire aims to be more than a team who races for victories, medals, or respectable times. By growing the Inspire movement we hope that other groups or sporting disciplines will join to provide sustainable impetus across communities in South Africa.

The Tank

Franco Ferreira

The Tank – the Kaptein is an absolute machine (a cyborg T-850 series to be specific), insanely competitive, brutally strong, and an avid gardener with a penchant for cycads?! He's is the two time and current South African Champion, with many other victories and podiums on his list. He will win from a breakaway, leave you for dead in a sprint, or school you in a time trial... Your choice!


Greef Moolman

Greeffie – originator of the Cycling Underground Movement (C.U.M.), he is a strategic cycling genius and a mischief maker with a wicked sense of humour. He's won Tour of Boland, Panaroma Tour and finished on the podium at The Munga Mountain Bike Challenge – he has never been the same since then!


Mike Hewan

Iron Mike™ – a whirlwind of energy, good vibes, and wacky ideas, delivered with a smile and a beard. Basically, he is a walking brand and in high demand, although with supply chain problems! He's won 94.7, Tour of Good Hope, Berg en Dale to mention just a few… Do not take this guy to the line as he will out-sprint you every single time.


Paul Klimczak

Paulie / Pommie – a surfer & raver in his past life, Paul is a must have on any long training ride. Entertainment Guaranteed. This easy going climber has a real weakness in his armour called beer. He's won 94.7, demolished the field up Paarl monument, and will happily hurt everyone on every single climb every single day. He is also a master in the art of half-wheeling, don’t test him on this!


Trevor Davies

Trev-Dog – our spiritual leader and a catalyst of change. He can get the best out of people, can spot a good opportunity a mile away, and when he speaks people listen (even though he sometimes sounds American). He's won 94.7 and Panorama Tour, and if provoked he will tear you a new one on road or MTB, on the flat or in the hills.

Captain Cooke

Stephen Cooke

Captain Cooke – Stevo is solid as a rock, generous and 100% committed. Many people call him the older brother to Liam Neeson and Jens Voigt. Steve is our resident breakaway specialist, he will sit out there all day and still be up for throwing a few punches if it comes back together before the line. He's walked away with the KOM jersey at the Tour of Good Hope, (not bad for a 90kg + rider) and dragged a few teams around 200km to win DC. If the ride is shorter than 150km’s it doesn’t count as training.

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