Mentorship and Life Coaching Project – Autumn 2017

On the 1st of April 2017, a new project kicked off for Inspire. The project will focus on the development of black female matriculants or graduates to discover their passion or passions and to ultimately provide them with an opportunity for permanent employment or studying in a particular field of interest. This intensive 10-week programme will create self-awareness to identify certain strengths or areas of their personalities that they didn’t know exist. We will grow self-confidence, assist to discover what they are passionate about and ultimately make them more employable or ready to take up studying.

Inspire Cycling Mentorship Programme

The course is based on collective ownership whereby individuals are given a certain set of tasks and projects to undertake throughout the 8-weeks. By doing this they learn accountability and to lead the effort in developing themselves.

We are looking for support to ensure that after the 10 weeks, we are in a position to provide possible internships, temporary or permanent employment or possible study opportunities at colleges. Half way through the course we will share the profiles of the individuals attending our Mentorship and Life Coaching Course. If their dreams or passions appeal to you, please let us know and join our Inspire movement.

Contact person for this project is Greeff Moolman (0824495666 or