Finch Clothing

Finch is a premium cycling brand that was founded in 2015 by Charles Grassie, a cycling enthusiast with a passion for stylish, quality cycle wear.

At Finch, our focus is to create classic, stylish, world-class cycling apparel with a key emphasis on comfort and quality. Our brand is classically inspired and the essence of the brand is timeless.

The Finch rider is an authentic, confident individual who is not afraid to stand out amongst the crowd. They know what they want and they go for it.

Maserati SA

An Italian story. A global icon.
Elegance, style, sportiness and performance with a long and glorious heritage.

Bollé Eyewear

Bollé delivers the highest quality sunglasses and goggles for performance and protection. At Bollé we are constantly refining our trademark combination of fit, fashion, and comfort, resulting in some of the most technologically advanced eyewear in the industry.

Met Helmets

Met Helmets, specialist in bike helmets for road, mountain bike, recreational and sports cycling, skating, skateboarding and BMX


Enervit Sport is a complete line of endurance sport nutritional supplements, providing specific products for every step of your performance strategy: before - to increase the availability of energy; during - to combat fatigue and after - for quick and optimum recovery.

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