We partner with projects, organisations or individuals who share our values and whom we believe will assist in the delivery of our vision. We look for partners that are willing to provide:


•    Financial Funding

Assist us by providing funding for our projects to grow our vision and create safe learning & sporting environments. Inspire is a registered non-profit company with a tax exemption benefit for all our funders.


•    Time, Resources, and Commitment

Give any of the above by utilizing your own strengths or areas of expertise and add value to the projects we support.


•    Individual Development Sponsorship

Support young individuals from disadvantaged communities by sponsoring their attendance at sporting events, educational courses or any other value adding event.

•    Join Our Team and Support Our Brand

Commit to the Team Inspire Movement by adding value in your preferred way and become part of our Team. A percentage of all Inspire merchandise purchased will go directly to our projects.